Carved and Sandblasted

Carved and Sandblasted Signs

While there are many options for signs, some of which are even high-tech in nature, sometimes a classic is the best. A carved or sandblasted sign is a great way to market your business in a simple and elegant manner. In fact, these signs may even be acceptable in some areas where other signs are not acceptable due to zoning ordinances (such as downtown spaces or in residential zones.)

So, What is the Difference Between Carved and Sandblasted Signs, Anyway?

  • Carved Signs – With carved signs, we start with a piece of dyed or natural wood or HDU (high density urethane). This is used for the base. Then, we carve your name, logo and/or message into the material.
  • Sandblasted Signs – On the opposite end of the spectrum is the sandblasted sign. A sandblasted sign has a three-dimensional feel and appearance. Your message or logo will stand out from the material.

Both styles are attractive and effective. It is important that you check out the options and perhaps look at a few examples to see which will work best for your particular project.

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