Directory and Wayfinding

If your building is large, or you have multiple units within a facility, helping your guests, employees and vendors find their way is vital, so directory and wayfinding signs are essential. Trending Signs of Doral, Florida will work with you to create a directory and wayfinding system that is not only effective but is also attractive. We can customize signs that work with your company’s style and colors—in fact, we can even incorporate your logo and fonts for a one-of-a-kind look!

A Few of our Popular Directory and Wayfinding Options:

  • Directories – Employ a directory in the main lobby, of course, but consider smaller supplemental directories on other floors or reception areas. Whether you desire a wall-mounted or pillar style, we have you covered.
  • Maps – Help guests know where they are currently and figure out where thy need to be. We can design a map as small or large as necessary to meet your needs.
  • Directional Arrows – Your wayfinding plan isn’t complete without arrows. We offer many sizes and shapes to use around your facility to guide guests to their destination.

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