Channel Letters

Channel Letters help draw in traffic and light up the front of your business day or night. Illuminated letters may be the best solution. When you choose this style of sign, you can choose the font you area already using in marketing material—allowing for branding consistency. Additionally, you can utilize lit or unlit letters depending on your company needs.

Popular Lighting Options for Channel Letters:

  • Front Lit Letters – Translucent fronts allow the light from within to shine through, illuminating your name or brand images. Front lit letter are bright, and allow for some flexibility.
  • Back Lit Letters – With backlit letters, the front of the letter is solid aluminum, but the back is translucent. Light shines from behind, giving a halo-like effect, which can be quite exotic.
  • Open-Face Display – For a retro-like appearance, nothing is better than an open-face display. This replicates the look of old-fashioned neon.
  • Unlit – A quality sign may not need lighting at all—especially if your business is only open during daylight hours.

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