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    Advertising on Your Trucks is a Win-Win

    One thing is common among most marketing strategies – expensiveness. These strategies are effective, no doubt. But what about small and medium-sized businesses? Will they always be able to afford something this expensive? Is there a better way?

    Turns out, there is. The trick is in using mobile advertising. This kind of advertising involves promoting your brand on moving vehicles. A great example can be vinyl wraps on trucks.

    There are numerous benefits of using your truck to promote your brand. Let’s take a look at some of them.

    Wide Reach.

    Research shows that 87% of Americans in the age of 16 or more drive. On average, they spend 290 hours per month on the streets. Hence, promotions on your truck can reach a large number of people.

    Space For Creativity.

    Truck bodies are big enough to incorporate large vivid posters. Hence, you have a large canvas to create and display your brand. This gives truck advertising an edge over other means of advertising.


    First of all, truck vinyl wraps can be used for 7 to 8 years. Secondly, no regular payments need to be made. Also, truck wraps are known to protect the truck from scratches. All these facts make truck advertising a tempting value proposition.

    Lesser Restrictions.

    With billboards, there can be a number of restrictions. Not so with trucks. You have great freedom to decide your content.

    The concept is, no doubt, interesting. However, it needs to be executed in a proper way or it won’t be as effective.

    4 Points to Remember While Considering Truck Wraps:

    • Choose the right font type and size: Sans serif fonts are easier to read. Larger fonts can be read from a distance. Hence, selecting the right font type and size combination can be crucial.
    • Correct color scheme: A light color won’t work in your favor, being difficult to spot. Once spotted, the color will find it difficult to engage the observer. Hence, make sure you choose your colors carefully.
    • Avoid a truck body choke full of content: The more the content, the lesser the observer’s focus. Hence, it’s important to display only what is necessary.
    • Determine if you need retro-reflective paint material: This material shines during the night and has a deep color during the day. This ensures 24-hour exposure to observers.

    There are many more things you should consider in designing your truck wraps. At Trending Signs, we can help you select the correct font, color, and material for your wrap. If you are interested, call us now!