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    Wayfinding signs are the important factor in the overall organization of a hospital. Once the authorities decide to implement the signage system inside the hospital, numerous benefits will arise. First of all, we get more convenient way to find the area we want. On the other hand, we are more…

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    A wayfinding signs system should be custom to the area it is describing. These systems can provide ease in navigation for those walking through your location whether you have a retail store or you are part of a building with multiple tenants. The goal is to make it as intuitive…

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    Wayfinding signs are important for your business. These signs help guide people through your building. But indoor wayfinding signs aren’t the only type of wayfinding signage. Outdoor wayfinding signs are also incredibly important to businesses. This is especially true for businesses that are located in large parking lots or in…

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    Directories and wayfinding signs are almost a necessity for your office. Not everyone is an expert at navigating your space without a little help. Sometimes you might find visitors are totally lost without a little guidance. Directories and wayfinding signs by Trending Signs guide your visitors to the places they…

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    Have you ever had an appointment in a large office complex or medical center? You may have been given a room number and floor, but were you able to easily navigate your way to the right suite? Was it easy to find the elevator or stairway you needed to take…

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    Before Google Maps, built-in navigation systems, and GPS hit the market, we relied on exterior wayfinding signs. With the right signage, it is tough to pinpoint the precise place you need to be, even if you are using the latest technology. Wayfinding and directional markers are there to take you…

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    There is more than meets the eye when it comes to wall graphics. You are probably familiar with how you can use sophisticated wall murals to transform the appearance of your space. Though clients regularly call us for wall graphics that will update their décor, we also get several requests…