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    Some Stats on Why Signage Is Important For Your Business

    When a potential customer gets in contact for the first time with your company, it’s a sign. Your signage is going to influence customer’s future decision and make him either experience your services or go their own way.

    Let’s see if people care about the quality of your signage and how many of them will actually get themselves influenced by it. In the following, we will present the outcome of a survey, which reflects how much people care about signs.

    A Good Signage Makes a Good First Impression

    • Almost 76% of the interviewed people said that at least once they’ve entered a business or a store that was unknown to them simply because they liked the design of the signs.
    • Almost 76% people mentioned that they’ve told others about a particular business or a store because of the nice looking signage, and not necessarily because of the offered products and services.
    • Around 67% people said that they’ve purchased a service or product at least once because the signage of that particular company made them more confident.

    Bad Designed Signs Make Clients Reluctant Towards Your Business

    • More than 60% of the interviewed customers said that the lack of a signage or a badly designed sign made them avoid a certain store or business, even if their first intention was to try it out.
    • The last statement can be accurately confirmed since 60% of the interviewed businesses admitted that when they’ve changed their signage’s design or placement, this was quickly reflected in their profits – with an increase of even 10%.
    • Around 68% of the interviewed clients associate a nice looking signage with high-quality products or services.

    Branding Is Important for Larger Companies As Well

    • 38% of the larger companies with multiple branches admit that a good branding is the most effective type of signage, and 38% of the small companies use branding for overcoming their competitors and helping the customers to find their business faster.
    • Over 50% of the interviewed clients stated that a low-quality signage or a signage that’s missing a letter made them avoid that particular business.
    • When asked what’s the most important feature of a sign, both customers and business owners agreed that legibility is the most important thing.

    Professionally Made Signs Are the Key to Success

    Manufacturing your signage system with the help of a professional company is extremely advisable. With professional assistance, you’ll be able to make a greater impact and attract more customers towards your company.

    At Trending Signs, we like to assist our customers and to deliver the most effective signs for their particular needs. Contact us today and get ready to benefit from the best services!