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    Carved and Sandblasted Signs are Great for Your Business

    Some signs really help you stand out from the pack. Carved and sandblasted signs are one of these types of signage. Carved and sandblasted signs are an incredibly elegant and stylish type of sign. They also add an old school charm to your establishment. They’re also perfect for some neighborhoods where local ordinances don’t allow other types of signs. Carved and sandblasted signs by Trending Signs are sure to make you stand out amongst your competitors without being over the top. The look of these signs will ensure that your business stays in the minds of clients.

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    An Elegant Look

    One of the major benefits of this type of signage is that they add an elegance to your establishment. Carved and sandblasted signs are a stylish option. This refined style stands out amongst other types of signs. Instead of plastics or metals, we make carved and sandblasted signs out of wood or high-density urethane (HDU) that can look like wood but lasts longer. These materials look refined and the artistic quality of the lettering adds an interesting look to your signs. This type of signage looks like it was handmade. This will grab the attention of people passing by your signs.

    Handmade Charm

    With their handmade look and the type of materials, carved and sandblasted signs have a charming, old-fashioned look. If your business prides itself on its charm, these signs are a great option for you. The fact is, this type of sign has been used for a very long time. The methods and materials may have changed, but the look has stayed the same. So, carved and sandblasted signs fit very well in historic neighborhoods or on historic buildings. These signs are a great option for businesses that like to preserve the past.

    Made for Your Neighborhood

    Carved and sandblasted signs are usually a great option for neighborhoods with strict ordinances on signs. Some neighborhoods have regulations regarding illuminated signs. Carved and sandblasted signs are not illuminated but can be spotlighted to be viewable in the dark. These signs can also be made at the right size to fit your local regulations. And because of their style, they can even fit in neighborhoods where they are trying to maintain a historic look. Carved and sandblasted signs are a versatile option with a very distinct look. This makes them a valuable signage option.

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    Carved and Sandblasted Signs for You

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    Carved and Sandblasted Signs in Hialeah FL