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    Window Privacy Film for the Modern Office

    The modern office usually has an open quality. The lack of opaque walls leads to a less claustrophobic feeling and, some say, increased productivity. But there is a price to be paid for this modern look. With glass walls comes a lack of privacy. This can be a major problem for most businesses. Some areas need to be private. But you might not want to give up on that open look, though. Window privacy film is a great way to ensure that your office maintains that open feeling without losing necessary privacy. Window privacy film from Trending Signs is a great option for any office.

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    Add Privacy to Meetings

    One area where you might need to add privacy is your conference room or meeting rooms. These areas host your team meetings but also meetings with clients or partners. A private feeling in these rooms will ensure that people feel comfortable talking and that they aren’t being watched by everyone in the office. It will also prevent everyone in the office from looking at what’s going on in these rooms, keeping your employees focused on their work and not your meeting.

    Keep Things Open

    An open office plan definitely increases the feeling of camaraderie around the office, but you don’t want people to feel exposed, either. There are a number of major benefits to balancing an open feeling and the privacy that window film can offer. You can use the window film on just parts of your windows instead of covering the entire window. This keeps the office open, but keeps your employees from feeling too exposed. This is also a great option to keep computer screens blocked from the eyes of passersby.

    A Refined Look

    One of the coolest things about window privacy film is that we can cut it to include your name or logo using the negative space left behind in the film or we can cut the shape from the film itself. This gives you privacy but also adds an interesting look to your office. It also creates a professional, clean image for your business. Because of the way window privacy film imitates etched glass, it gives your office a refined look at a much more affordable price as compared to actual etched glass.

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    Window Privacy Film

    Window privacy film is a great option for your office. If you’re interested in window privacy film, contact our team today to discuss what would work best for your office!

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